Available Danes

Listings for Great Danes which are, or will be, available for Adoption.

Unlike other Rescue organizations, we do NOT post our available Danes on PetFinders.

You must complete and submit our Adoption Application to be considered for a rescue from us.

If any of the following symbols are noted beside any of our dogs listed below, we feel that dog is best suited to a home that can accommodate that need or environment.

Pet NameAgeSizeColourGenderLocationCaveats
Max3 yearsMediumBlackMaleOntario
     Max is a very handsome 3 year old boy. He likes both men and women equally but is not quite sure what to make of young kids.
He gets along excellent with other dogs (both small and large) and does not seem to be prey driven. He loves to sit on your lap and will look for attention by nudging his head between your arm and hip. He is super playful, and loves to play with balls and his kong. He loves pouncing on his toys and playing games.
He is a beautiful, big boy who just needs someone to give him a chance to build trust and teach him what is expected in his new home. He would be best suited for a Dane savvy family without children.

Max is microchipped, UTD with vaccines & neutered.
Miley5½ yrsMediumBlackFemaleS-W ON
    ADOPTION PENDING ~ My name is Miley and I'm 5 1/2 years old. I think of myself as a sophisticated lady. I'm very calm, quiet and well mannered and my foster parents describe me as a loving, gentle and sweet soul. I don't like really loud noises and can be a little wary of new things....until they become the norm. I'm exceptionally good with cats; I figure they need a good home as much as I do. I'm good with kids but not used to being around little ones. I love the wind in my fur on drives, the sand between my toes at the beach, and curling up with my people for family movie night.
I'm almost perfect....almost. I suffer from 'only child syndrome' and in my case, there is no cure. I get along with other dogs, but I don't want to live with another dog. It's okay to visit for a bit, but then it's time to skedaddle. Here's your hat!! Sorry...there's no exception to this.

I am spayed, u-t-d with vaccines and microchipped.
Skye5 yrs 10 mthsMediumBlueFemaleS-C ON
      Skye is a beautiful Blue girl who will be turning 6 years old in August.
She is great in and off leash, knows her basic commands and loves affection from her people. She can be a bit standoffish with strangers coming into the home and is timid meeting new people. She takes a bit longer to warm up to men and does best with the 'let her come to you' rule. When she does, she's a pure snuggle bug.

Skye LOVES going to the dog park, going for walks and spending time with her humans. She has lived with a cat and is ok with children.

Spayed, Vaccines u-t-d, microchipped.

Twiggy4 years 11 monthsMediumBlackFemaleOntario
     Don't let Twiggy's name fool you, she is no skinny mini; she is a beautiful, black, healthy, energetic girl. Toss a toy and off she goes. A zoom here, a zoom there and voila she is back handing you the toy. She loves and we mean LOVES her humans. She will gently rest her head on your chest and gaze up at you with her big brown eyes and then go into full on "dane lean" mode, soaking up lots of pets and love.
Twiggy is great with other dogs but she needs to be reminded that no one likes a 120lb, happy girl racing over, head first, saying "HI". She would prefer a home with another canine companion.
Now Twiggy does have a mischievous side. She has been known to counter surf so if you want a sandwich later, the bread should be put away. Aside from her having the occasional surf and snack incident, she has wonderful house manners and can be left alone.
She knows basic commands but needs a refresher on loose leash walking. Twiggy would really benefit participating in an obedience class, which would also be a wonderful bonding experience with her new forever family.
Twiggy can easily live with kids. She has never lived with a cat but has met the occasional one.

Spayed, Vaccines u-t-d, microchipped.