Available Danes

Listings for Great Danes which are, or will be, available for Adoption.

Unlike other Rescue organizations, we do NOT post our available Danes on PetFinders.

You must complete and submit our Adoption Application to be considered for a rescue from us.

If any of the following symbols are noted beside any of our dogs listed below, we feel that dog is best suited to a home that can accommodate that need or environment.

Pet NameAgeSizeColourGenderLocationCaveats
Adler5 yrs 9 mosMediumMerleFemaleSouth-Central ON
     Introducing Adler!!
This beautiful girl is looking for her forever home! At a little over 5 years old, Adler loves going for hikes, car rides, camping & visits with her friends at the dog park. She's great with people and LOVES children. She is very gentle taking treats and while playing around kids is careful not to knock them over. Adler is very eager to please and is quick to respond with gentle direction. She does well on a leash. A little nervous getting her nails clipped, but tolerates it well. She doesn't take food unless it's offered to her and is a very laid back 'lovin life' kinda gal.
Adler is spayed, microchipped and her vaccines are u-t-d.
Stan3.5 yearsMediumMantleMaleOntario
    Bio coming soon!
Sunny3 yearsMediumWhiteFemaleS-W Ontario
      Sunny is a beautiful, friendly, laid back 3 year old female. She is deaf and communicates well with hand signals. Sunny spent her first 3 years on a quiet rural propery and will not thrive as a 'city slicker". Though good with children, she gets anxious when bombarded with too much energy. Sunny does well with calm cats. She loves people, play time and walks ~ she is fantastic off leash.
Ty4 yearsSmallBlackMaleEastern Ontario
    Ty came into rescue two months ago with a wonky walk. Turned out in the past he injured his back and now has 4 vertebrae that are fused together. He also has arthritis in his front knees. Both conditions require life-long pain management, which currently involves medication. Chiropractic care or aqua therapy could also be beneficial. Danes in Distress is looking for a forever foster or an adopter.

Now don’t cry for Ty. His wonky walk doesn’t stop him from enjoying a zoomie or playing tug-of-war. Ty’s list of favorites is straightforward: chill, cuddle, toy and zoomie. He is the master of chill. Give Ty a large bed and he will stretch right out and enjoy his morning and afternoon snooze. He loves it even more if you join him but beware he is known for being a bed hog. He will push right up against you and fall asleep. He is the perfect Netflix binge watching buddy.

He LOVES frozen filled kongs or butcher bones, getting his ears cleaned and getting lots of attention. His house manners are fantastic and there is no problems leaving him alone. He rarely barks except to tell you when he wants to go outside to do his business or when it is time to eat. Worried about squirrels? Neither is Ty He couldn’t be bothered.

He is great with dogs of all types and people of all ages but because of his back he is looking for a home with a smaller quiet dog or no dogs at all. Also he would do best not living with young kids.

Ty needs a home with a fenced in yard or a quiet rural property. He loves going on walks but his back tires quickly on leash. Off-leash he is known to play everyone’s favorite “catch-me-if-you-can”.. He is a short-burst of energy type Dane; a true couch potato. He will go outside, do a 1-2 minute run, take care of business and then go back to the couch for a snooze.

Ty is neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, and heartworm/lyme negative.