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Many of us have already lost a pet and nothing will ever fill the gap. We may get another 4-legged companion, but, like children, they all have their own personalities, and there is always something uniquely special about each one, or you have a cherished memory of one, or more, incidents. Friends too often try to offer comfort us by saying “Your dog had a good life with you” but this is small consolation when trying to come to terms with the loss. We know the time must come, but the gift of their companionship never lasts long enough.

The Rainbow Bridge prose helps some of us through the initial grieving period and it is comforting to be able to share the loss with others who care, and perhaps look back at a tribute to your beloved pet.

We will post a free Tribute to your pet in the memorial section if you supply us with a good quality photograph (either Digital or a regular photo) and/or a YouTube video and the text you want inserted in the Tribute.

You can supply both of these items via e-mail (or regular snail-mail) and we will post your content as soon as possible. You may also just fill in the form below.

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