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BosleyBryan Pfister-Watt2016-12-16
    Bosley arrived at my house about a month after my childhood dog had passed away in 2010, and originally I was not very happy about that. My mom had said she was "fostering" him for Danes in Distress until he found a decent home, but I knew what was really going on. Instantly, he clung to me like glue but I have to be honest, because of him coming in so close to my first dog passing away, I didn't warm up to him, at first.

One night, a week or so after he arrived, I was laying in bed and I guess I had forgotten to fully close my door, because it started to creak open. He poked his head in and gave me 'the look'. When I refused to acknowledge his advance, he persisted to enter my room and creep toward my bed. Eventually when he was beside my bed, he put his head down on the mattress and gave me 'the look' again. Reluctantly, I said 'fine, come up', and he delightedly jumped up, lay down right away and snuggled up next to me.

That was the beginning of a (more than) 6 year friendship.

Bosley helped me through some of the toughest times of my life during our adventures together. He was always there for me, always by my side and in return I made sure he had a warm bed to sleep in, lots of belly rubs and tons of couch-time. Simply put: It was a mutually beneficial friendship which I am eternally grateful to have had experienced.

Bosley passed away very suddenly on the night of April 30, 2016 and has since left a very big void in my life.

Thank you Audra and Ron for uniting me with my best friend.

Thank you Bosley for sharing your life with me. You are loved, you will be forever missed and you will never be forgotten.
BenderAnne Warwick2016-12-08
 On October 3, 2015, Bender visited our family, and decided to hang his hat. He joined Great Danes Charlie Horse and Angel (a DID dog). The three dogs got along wonderfully - so well-mannered and relaxed. Charlie died about 6 weeks later after which Angel and Bender grew closer. Bender obviously wasn't accustomed to a rural, athletic lifestyle but could be coaxed with salmon jerky to join us on walks and hikes. He quickly grew leaner and stronger, and seemed the picture of health. We were devastated when he began to cough and fade, and was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. He died in his sleep October 9, 2016. When his heart broke, so did ours. RIP big buddy. December 6, 2008 - October 9, 2016.
SibellaMonika and Kurt Jensen2016-11-29
Sibella came to us seven and half years through the amazing work of Audra Dymond. We thank Danes in Distress every day for the wonderful love, gentleness and attention that Sibella gave our family. She passed quietly with her close friends and boyfriend Scooby, also from Danes in Distress, by her side on November 28. We miss her dearly and will remember her always.
   JACK (2000 - Oct. 31, 2015)

It's taken a year to post a memorial for our beloved Great Dane/Catahoula cross, Jack, who passed last October 31 (2015).

Posting the memorial seemed to make the loss too real. We adopted Jack and his brother Quinn (same litter) as 10-year olds from Danes in Distress in August 2010. Quinn predeceased Jack by a little over a year, crossing the Rainbow Bridge Thanksgiving weekend, 2014. Oh boy was that a hard time - both for us and for Jack who had, as far as we know, never been separated from his brother...

Back to August 2010: After a bit of a rocky start (thank you for all your support, Danes in Distress!), Jack and Quinn became absolute wonderful gems in our home and gave us so much pleasure and so many laughs. They played like puppies, cuddled like lap dogs and ate like Appalachian farm workers. They traveled to a cottage in Quebec every year (Jack once more than Quinn), went for long and scent-filled walks and lounged on their double mattress/dog bed at home.

Jack was the sage older brother (we think!) to Quinn's perpetual teenager approach and always waited to be the last of the pack (which included Gerry and I) out the door and worried whenever one of his pack was separated by more than a few feet.

When he felt all was in order he loved to be off leash and run like the wind. Then he would race up to us and look for a pat and some love. It is hard to describe how the "boys" made us feel, other than to say we may have "rescued" them but for the four years plus we had them both, and the five years plus we had Jack, WE felt like the lucky ones...Thank you, Danes in Distress. Jack (and Quinn) you are missed, thought about and talked about) every day.

RIP my love.
SebastianCyndie and Jonathan 2016-05-17
 We were very lucky to have Sebastian pick us. He passed this year in January, just a little after Jonathan's birthday. Was devasting. I still have a hard time some days. He was our first Dane, I thought OMGoosh, for real, BUT when he bumped us lol and then looked at at first sight. He got us to 9yrs old with him and then he just lost his movement.
We now have Odin....and I have to remind myself, these big buggers are not the same. Sebastian would be sooooo mad at me right now for comparing. I know. Love and miss you to bits Sebastian and Odin would have loved to meet you...kiss from the heart
TankKim Neeson2015-10-19
 A little over a year and a half ago, Tank came into our lives from Danes in Distress. He was such a tall, handsome boy - full of life and energy, and such a charater! I have owned many dogs in my life, but never have I had a dog who really talked to me (and the family), who communicated just by looking at you...someone who was really ready to be a part of the family.

We used to have a no dogs on the furniture rule - well, that quickly changed. My sons and I loved nothing more than to snuggle with Tank on the couch - he was almost human in the way he wanted phyiscal contact with us. He loved sleeping with them, hogging the bed - and as much as he tried to take most of the space, no one ever had him leave.

Tank had what we thought was a simple surgery last Thursday to remove a growth on his back leg. After coming home, over the hours of the next day he appeared to become more and more ill. By the end of the day he couldn't move. Our vet kept saying it was just the anesthetic - but it clearly wasn't. We rushed him to the emergency vet Friday night, and were eventually told that he had Addison's Disease - a failure of his adrenal glands. They also suspected heart issues, but he was so ill at this point that all we were worried about was his immediate condition. Unfortunately he did not recover, and we had to make the heart-wrenching decision to put him to sleep.

Surrounded by his family, we stroked, hugged and kissed our boy as he left his pain behind. We are heartbroken.

In the short time that we had Tank, together we had really great times - walks at the beach, throwing sticks for fetch in the water, snuggling together, long walks up north and in the city, being stopped dozens of times for a small child, or a kid, an adult or someone elderly who exclaimed at his majesty and beauty and just wanted to pet him. He loved my partner's two small grandchildren and loved them unconditionally.

Great Danes are known as the heartbreak breed. I now understand why. We had so little time with our boy, and were totally unprepared for what happened. But I am so grateful for the time we had together, and he will live on in our hearts forever.
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