Adopting a Dane

Before making a major commitment, we ask that you familiarize yourself with the special needs of this magnificent breed.  Please visit Is a Dane right for you?.

To qualify for Adopting, applicants must:

  • Reside in Ontario or South-Western Quebec.
  • Not reside in a multi-unit apartment, condo or loft building.
  • Be willing to pay the $25 Application Fee.
  • Meet all criteria listed in our Adoption Policies (below)

Our Policies are based on experience and designed to ensure the safety of our rescues and young children. 

Adoption Policies:

  • Urban homes must have a securely fenced yard. Invisible fencing is NOT acceptable
  • No unaltered dogs on premises.
  • Resident children must be 8 y-o or older.
  • Applicant must be 18 years of age, or older.
  • Applicant cannot be a student.
  • The maximum recommended time alone in any 24 hour period is 4 hours.

Adoption procedure:

  1. Applicant submits an online Adoption Application. 
  2. When received by us, an email confirmation of receipt will be sent.
  3. Applicant notifies all references to release any requested information about the Applicant.
  4. Our Area Coordinator will contact the Applicant to arrange a home visit.
  5. After a successful home visit, the Applicant can contact us when/if interested in one of our Available Danes.
  6. A meet-and-greet visit will be arranged and all vet records/other known information about the Dane will be provided before an Applicant commits to adopting the Dane.
  7. Ownership of the Dane will be transferred on the agreed date after the Adoption Contract is signed, witnessed and the applicable Adoption fees are paid.

Danes in Distress reserves the right to determine if an applicant is eligible to adopt a dog from our rescue group even if they have met all criteria (as listed on the application form and policies). Our intent is always to secure the best possible match to meet the individual needs of any rescued Dane.

Application Fee:

There is a one-time, non-refundable $25 administration fee for an Application to be processed. Payment of this fee does NOT guarantee that the Applicant will be offered a rescued Great Dane, but it will make his/her application ‘Active’. Once received, the Applicant will be notified by email that the fee has been processed and the status changed to ‘Active’. We only commit resources to ‘Active’ applicants and consider these for Danes being adopted.


We fully vet all Danes before adoption. The vetting includes:

  • Neuter/Spay
  • Rabies vaccine
  • DA2PPV Vaccine
  • SNAP 4Dx Test *
  • Micro-Chip
  • Health Check
  • Any required extraordinary vetting/surgery

* The SNAP 4Dx Test checks for Heartworm disease, Ehrlichiosis and Lyme disease.)

If any of the above cannot be done before adoption, we pay full costs to get it done after adoption at one of our rescue friendly vets OR, if the adopter opts to get it done at an alternate vet of their choice, we reimburse the adopter with a vet allowance in the amount it would have cost at a rescue-friendly vet.

Additional costs incurred to remedy any other extraordinary vetting (e.g. Cherry Eye; TPLO Surgery; Lumpectomies; etc.) are borne by Danes in Distress to offer a medically sound Great Dane at adoption time.

Each dog also comes with a collar, leash and a supply of food.

Our Adoption Fees are fixed regardless of any costs incurred for vetting.

Please Note:

The Adoption Contract has to be signed and payment of the appropriate fee (by Cash, Certified Cheque, Money Order, PayPal or Interac eTransfer) received before the Dane can be transferred to your care.

Fill in an Adoption Application now!!