Listings for Great Danes which are, or will be, available for Adoption.

Unlike other Rescue organizations, we do NOT post our available Danes on PetFinders.

You must complete and submit our Adoption Application to be considered for a rescue from us.


To describe Sofie (4 years 4 months) we’d start by saying “a big loveable, cuddly girl”. When surrendered to Danes in Distress, Sofie’s physical condition was very poor. She had open skin lesions, needed surgery for untreated cherry eye and a torn cruciate. Her body had experienced pain and discomfort for a long time.  We

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Cookie has been in foster for a couple of weeks now, and is ready to look for her furrever family. Cookie is almost 4 years old and is stronger than she looks.   She’s a good girl but anyone who spends time with her wonders if she has kangaroo in her – this gal can

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Molly is a happy-go-lucky, spirited dane. She is almost 6 years old but you’d never know it based on her energy. Molly is deaf but she doesn’t let her disability get in her way. She loves to go for walks and to spend time with her favourite people. Molly is a typical velcro dane and

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Miss Tina! Tina is Mom to the 10 little darling pups with Danes In Distress and she is the most loving girl! This lovely lass is 1 year old and a mix. She is dainty and quiet but can bark when she hears strange noises. She loves her food and turns her nose up at

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Bonnie is a small, 6-year-old spayed female, don’t let her grey face fool you, she is full of spunk. Bonnie still has the energy of a young dog when she knows a walk is being offered but she will happily sleep the day away with you on the couch. Bonnie needs some help with her

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