Cookie has been in foster for a couple of weeks now, and is ready to look for her furrever family. Cookie is almost 4 years old and is stronger than she looks.


She’s a good girl but anyone who spends time with her wonders if she has kangaroo in her – this gal can jump and no small feat when you see her launch up to 6ft sometimes. When this happens Cookie sometimes piddles with excitement, it’s all exuberance, but we’re looking for someone who will work on this and help her self regulate.  She has no malice but there is a foundation of nervousness underneath it.  She’ll need support to build confidence and show her happiness in a less kangaroo way. No applicants with small children or a really busy household will be considered.


Some may find this behaviour funny but it isn’t at this moment, we need to give this lovely gal more coping mechanisms to show her happy.  If you’re chill and ready for a loving girl who really does want to be chill as well, maybe you’ll read on.


Cookie loves running… mainly in circles when her people come home.  We’re looking for a home where Cookie is the only dog. She has shown some resource guarding of her people when another dog wants to come and snuggle. She does well meeting people or other dogs, but needs to be reminded to be gentle in all cases.


When Cookie first arrived she was showing signs of separation anxiety. Her foster mom reports that when she is given the run of the house, she doesn’t bark or howl, but she will have regular pacing intervals. She has a talent of opening the refrigerator, so lock down measures should be put in place. As she was settling in to her foster home she also turned on faucets, (but not off) but this has stopped since she has settled into a routine and is feeling more at home. Her foster mom reported that after a couple weeks, Cookie would lie on the couch and sleep when she went to work.

A sensitive girl feeling more settled..



To sum Cookie up:

Good with people: Yes

Good with dogs: Yes but she can be protective of people she has formed an attachment with e.g. another dog coming into her space if she’s snuggling with her people

Good with kids: 12+, due to Cookie’s bouncing only teens up

Good with cats: Unknown

House trained: Yes

Crate trained: No

Leash skills: Pulls

Resource guarding: Some with people and showed some early on when feeding.

Current location: Southeastern Ontario

Name: Cookie
Age: 3.5 years old
Size: Large
Colour: Brindle
Gender: Female