Adopted 26-Jun-21

Introducing Duncan!

Duncan is a very sweet 10 month old Brindle pup that has spent the last couple of weeks in foster with one of our recommended trainers and has settled in well.  He is good meeting new people, both young and old.  Duncan plays well with both large and small dogs but does need to continue his socialization as he’s still learning social cues, and will continue to want to play after being told off by another dog.  Duncan has not lived with a cat, however has been introduced to one since being in foster, and has a healthy interest with no concerns. He is not reactive on leash at night or on walks…he uses a gentle leader or a halti and does well with it. He does bark when he gets excited but overall is not a very vocal dog.

Duncan can become very excitable and demanding when he wants attention and will ‘mouth’ his people.  His current trainer is working on this behaviour, but it will need to be continued when he moves on to his new home. For this reason, a calm, quiet home with no children will suit him best.

Overall, Duncan is a dream.  A lovely boy with huge potential and an eagerness to learn. He will require a family who is committed to following the training plan already in place for him, to allow him to be the best he can be.

Name: Duncan
Age: 10 months
Size: Large
Colour: Brindle
Gender: Male