Hi there, my name is Harley!


I’m 5 years of age and was recently rescued by a lovely lady who saw that I wasn’t being treated very well. She contacted Danes in Distress and now I’m living with my foster family!

My foster mom says that maybe I’m a bit smaller than some Danes, but don’t let that fool you, I’m still a big goofball Great Dane all the same. She calls me a velcro dog, maybe that’s because I want to be with her and my foster dad at all times of the day.

I love to eat and wash the floor with my drool. I also love to chase after treats and play with my toys, especially when my foster parents hide snacks in them. I can also be independent in that I’ll play with my toys by myself, but I’m not very keen on being left alone at the minute. Apparently, I like to serenade the neighbours when I’m home by myself, for that reason, I would probably do better in a single-family home or with a family who have understanding neighbours 🙂

I told you I had great foster parents though … well they are helping me with my confidence and me gaining my independence and I’m slowly learning that it’s okay to be by myself and that they do come back. They’re always checking on me and watch what I’m doing when they’re away from the house, that’s how they know I’m doing better.

I do all my business outside in the yard or out on walks, pretty much wherever there is snow. Oh snow, I love snow. It tastes good. I do like to pull a bit when we go for walks, because I’m just so excited to smell new things. But I listen when they tell me not to. I want to play with all cats, so I probably shouldn’t share a home with them. I’m okay with some dogs, but a girl can be picky you know so I’d definitely want to meet any dog siblings to see if I like them.


Do you think you could be my forever home?

Name: Harley
Age: 5 years old
Size: Small
Colour: Harlequin
Gender: Female