Luna (1 year 9 months) is a beautiful and very sweet fun girl, with such a love for life and her humans. She lived in a multiple dog household but as Luna matured, one of the female dogs started to physically attack her, causing her to be injured on several occasions.

Given all this, that tail of hers never stopped wagging but unfortunately, as it banged against doors, walls and other surfaces her tail became damaged and she needed surgery. She is currently recovering from happy tail surgery.

The past interactions with her housemate dog have caused Luna to be very aware of other dogs and this can be seen mostly during walks. She can become over excitable when passing other dogs, pull on the leash and sometimes become vocal; being a large strong girl she needs someone who can handle her strength. During her foster placement, we’ve been focusing on calming her during walks, lots of positive reinforcement, re-directing her away from the situation, confidently reassuring her. Luna has been doing great and is becoming more comfortable. She’s building trust and making progress toward passing them with more confidence and less noise.

Where the opportunity allows and with slow introductions to other dogs, Luna is doing well. We would highly recommend that the person who is matched with Luna, continue with positive behavioural training as this young girl is very responsive to her people and learns quickly, she is not looking for conflict but guidance and support during her rehabilitation.

Luna has all the traits of a Dane, loves the couch, the cuddles, her people and as much attention as you can give her. She’s a sensitive gal in a big beautiful body. She has so much potential. Luna is fully crate trained, and enjoys going into her crate (door open) to lie down. She would do best in a home without a cat as she has a high prey drive with squirrels and cats she sees on the street.

Name: Luna
Age: 1 year 9 months
Size: Large
Colour: Blue
Gender: Female