Her name is Manchita. Her life consisted of a never-ending cycle of breeding every 6 months when short-tied to a post. She was kept outside and used strictly as a breeding bitch without regard for her welfare, becoming totally emaciated with the constant physical demands of raising puppies which were snatched away from her as soon as they could be sold. She was also dehydrated when a wonderful group of local dog lovers orchestrated her removal from her previous owner with the help of local police.
 Manchita was terrified, had lost all trust in humans, and was on the verge of totally shutting down when she was rescued. Immediate vet care was required to get her back on the road to recovery and give her back her will to live. She is currently in residence at the vet’s office and has already been spayed. She is starting to trust humans again and her health continues to improve with the help of the wonderful people currently caring for her.
 Manchita has overcome so much. She teaches us a lesson in the fight she put up to survive, even when she was suffering.
 None of us would wish this on one of our own dogs and can only imagine what she went through in her short life, but her future will be brighter once we get her to Canada and start the search for her forever home.
Manchita was set to arrive on Canadian soil April 22, 2020, but because of the restrictions put in place due to covid-19, her travel plans are temporaon hold for now.  She is doing wonderful, she is happy & she is healthy! Once those restrictions have been lifted, we can’t wait to welcome Manchita home!