Max is a 6 year old male who was owner surrendered to a shelter in March, 2020. Due to Covid-19 restrictions Max was unable to be released until recently; he was neutered during his time at the shelter.

Max is such an affectionate boy who wants nothing more than to be with people. He has lived in harmony with children but we have no knowledge of how Max reacts to cats and he was very rarely around other dogs.

He has had minimal socialization and can show concern when he’s in the hustle and bustle of the streets. He looks for reassurance but shows good recovery and will work through things with lots of praise and a confident handler beside him.

This boy is a very strong dog who will use his strength to go where he would like to go. This has worked for him in the past and is very much a learnt behavior. He has shown dog reactivity and due to his size, anyone handling him must be able to react to the strength and drive he can display. Anyone wishing to be considered to adopt Max should know that we will be recommending a continuation of positive behavioral training to help him blossom into the best he can be. He is already showing progress.

He is a dog who builds strong bonds with his people, is responsive to the handler which is a great foundation to work on. It may not be an ‘easy ride’ but the effort you put in with him will reap huge benefits.

If you are calm, quietly confident, ideally have large dog experience and knowledge; remain committed to continuing with his socialization and education this fine boy will continue to show you just what he can do.

Name: Max
Age: 6 y-o
Size: Large
Colour: Blue
Gender: Male
Locations: South-Central ON