Well, hey there! My name is Mya and I’m a little over 2 years old!  I came to my foster home a few months ago and I’m really proud on how much progress I have made!

  • That long thing at the back of my body actually moves back and forth… who knew!!?
  • I love car rides and sticking my face out the window to feel the breeze on my face!
  • I still struggle on sharing toys – although my foster mom thinks it’s because I really never had any – but I am trying hard to learn to share.
  • Tug a war is my favourite game and I win all the time!!  My foster mom has been teaching me how to fetch although I get bored of that after one fetch – however I have been very proud lately on getting toys and greeting my foster mom at the door – she says I am a good girl, which I really like!
  • I love being chased by my foster brother Thor, the great Dane, he was a rescue as well – although I can get a bit rough – my foster mom has taught me to settle down and redirect me so that I don’t hurt him (he is a bit of a wimp lol!) I do not do well with females though, so I would need to be the only dog in the home or have a large sized brother.
  • There are 2 cats at my foster home and I used to chase them… but that is getting a bit boring – although I cannot deny it, I do love smelling them and giving them the odd gentle nudge.
  • I know how to sit, lie down, stay, come on command and love to shake a paw!
  • I love to snuggle – I am not keen on sleeping in the bed but love the couch, like the whole couch!
  • I am starting to walk better on a lease – I still have some work to do – but I really want to learn as there are fun adventures to be had and I love adventures!
  • In my old home there were a few small children around and I was told I was too big and knocked them over – my foster mom said I did not do it on purpose, I am just big and really wanted to snuggle and play – I am working on that but would do better in a home with children 8+!
  • I don’t like animals around my food dish while eating or when I have a bone to chew on.
  • I like to counter surf and actually have shown my foster mom how skilled I am, as I can take a lid off a pot and lick it clean – my foster mom is not impressed with this skill  – she has been trying to teach me not to do it but sometimes, I just can’t resist the smells – or the garbage…oh yeah that is my favourite.
  • My foster mom has a pond in the backyard – which I love to jump in – so I am pretty sure that I would love the beach or pool if I was around them as I love the water!!
  • My foster mom has taken me to the spa and I love it – I know am the best looking dog there and am very well behaved.

Mya’s foster mom says she is such an amazing girl – she brought tears to her eyes when she finally wagged her tail for the first time.  She just loves life and is such a loving girl that truly wants to please her humans – she has come such a long way and she will be even better as she loves to learn new things!

If you think Mya might be a good fit for you, please submit an adoption application! We will consider a foster to adopt for her as well.

Name: Mya
Age: 2 years old
Size: Large
Colour: Black
Gender: Female
Caveats: No female dogs please.