*** Nairobi’s been adopted!!*** She is enjoying the country life with her new Mom, Emma and family!

Meet Nairobi, she is 1 year 5 months of absolute loving charm and spirit.

This big girl has her foster dad completely smitten; she trusted his support and direction from day one. She acclimatized to a very different environment and routine than the one she’d been used to.  Her previous life had been running free each day with her people, exploring 20 acres of rural sights and smells, to now being leashed and walked through the streets of suburbia.  This gal is adaptable; with lots of positive encouragement Nairobi has taken the change in her stride, she’s very eager to please and listens well to her human.

Nairobi was lovingly cared for prior to coming to Danes in Distress, it was a very difficult decision for her previous owners to let her go. She’d lived harmoniously, rough and tumbled and generally had a wild and happy time with her other dog housemate, without incidence.

Visiting dogs, not so much.  She has shown reactive behavior.  We are looking for an adopter who will be motivated to work on these issues; she did react to a young child on one occasion so we will not be accepting applications from people who have young children or young children who regularly visit the home. We’re looking for someone who is willing to put the time in to monitor, manage and re-direct this behavior as/if it presents.  Her previous owners brought in the skills of a positive behavioral coach; Nairobi benefitted greatly from this gentle guidance and proved she was a quick learner. She knows all her basic commands and is happy to show you how well she knows them.

“Sweet” is definitely the word that comes to mind when you meet this gal. Nairobi is going to need direction so don’t even consider her if you know you’ll only see her absolute gorgeousness and not be willing to work toward making her the best she can be.  She’s got so much potential!

Name: Nairobi
Age: 1 year 5 months
Size: Large
Colour: Black
Gender: Female
Locations: Ottawa