Adopted on 24-Aug-20.

Rocky is a young pup (1 year 6 months) who, when surrendered to Danes in Distress was showing the signs of an unstable start in life. He’d already lived in two homes. Rocky was anxious, lacking in confidence and uncertain. When he became unsure, he chose to respond in a protective manner. If we were to help him we knew the first thing we had to do was go back to the beginning. Give him a new foundation, build his confidence and teach him.

First things first, time to be a goofy, playful Dane who would go and spend a period of time living 24/7 with structure and balance, a re-set. Enter the Canine Habitat in Perth – Rocky’s time to ‘unwind’.

With considerate handling and a structured routine he is gaining confidence and is showing us his relaxed, teen-aged self. Rocky is playful, with all the challenges of a teen-age problem solver.

No, he’s not a social extrovert and still has a nervous tendency but he remains that loving, attentive boy. He is thriving in this safe environment, he learns so fast and is showing that he can adapt to change with proper support. He loves his pup pals at the Canine Habitat and they have helped him a lot. He’s a work in progress, ready to find his forever home and establish a trusting relationship.

We’re looking for that specific home (not a first time owner) who will continue to work with him, provide structure to help grow his confidence. Someone who is clear when giving him instructions so he won’t be confused. Not a busy household, he will need guidance to make sure his interactions with people are always positive. No problem if you have another dog (the right dog of course, ok with cats also). The effort you put in, he will certainly give it back. Rocky is eager to learn if you take your time, give him guidance, love and a balanced home environment.

Name: Rocky
Age: 18 months
Gender: Male
Locations: Ottawa area
Caveats: Previous Dane ownership preferred