D-a-T Countdown – 2

Countdown – 2

Status = GO

2 days to go until our Dane-a-Thon and it’s definitely happening this weekend.

We’ve made a few changes this year. There will be a booth where you can purchase dog cookies and a Welcome booth to replace the Info booth. After registering, visit the Welcome Booth to pick up your free shopping bag containing ‘freebies’ and, later in the event, your Rosette for the Dane-a-Thon.

If you pack lunches through the workweek, consider buying products from our Bake Sale Booth. You won’t beat those prices anywhere, and everything is freshly baked!

We’re also considering running a fund-raising Golf Tournament early summer and want your feedback on how many are interested to see if it’s feasible. If you would like to be contacted if/when the event will take place, please leave your name at the Welcome Booth.