Dane-a-Thon May 7, 2017 ~ Follow up!

After a week of almost non-stop rain, we lucked out by getting a 10° sunny day for our 2017 Dane-a-Thon at our new venue – the Paris Fairgrounds. We’re planning to hold our 2018 event at the same location. 

Feedback we’ve been getting tells us that all 304 participants (and 127 dogs) had a great time, enjoying the dog racing, agility, fun/games and the walk which ended up at the pond. A little cool for swimming but a few brave ones ventured into the water and had fun.

We thank those who attended, took time to get pledges, donated their time by volunteering and the businesses that donated food and water for the BBQ booth. As always, a big ‘thumbs up’ to the volunteers who organized the event and made it happen. Sherri Davis’ team from BRB who ran the games/agility and donated the prizes for these activities did an outstanding job and we also extend a ‘Thank You’ to them for keeping the dogs (and people) entertained. 

The web page for the Award Winners will be posted shortly, as will all 559 photos of the good times in our Dane-a-Thon 2017 Gallery. 

The DiD Volunteer Team


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