Fall Dane-a-Thon 2014 – Follow-up

Our 24th Dane-a-Thon was a huge success with 149 people and 86 dogs in attendance.

The weather forecast caused some major concerns but someone was looking out for us. The sun appeared about an hour before the event officially started and stayed throughout the afternoon.

To the many who called on Sunday morning to see if it was still a ‘go’, we always make the final decision on the Thursday morning before the event about whether the original or rain date is going to be used and post this on our web site. Once the decision is made, we stay with the decided date – regardless of what the weather decides to do!

Everyone had a great time and the dogs had a barrel of fun. We’re sure there were lots of doggy snores on Sunday night!

A special ‘Thank You’ goes to Cathy Payne with Morgan (who thoroughly enjoyed the day romping around) and Sherri Davis with her BRB K9 Team for playing a big part in the day’s activities.

Our thanks go to all the volunteers and donors who made it possible, and those who attended despite the threat of a soggy day.

Photos and the formal follow-up posting will be done later this week, so keep an eye out for pics of you and your dog.

The DiD Volunteer Team.