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Your Dane’s life vs. cash availability
If you’ve ever had to make the decision about life-saving surgery (usually $$$$) for your Dane and found your bankbook couldn’t stand the shock, you’ll be able to relate to this.
Medical Insurance is readily available for your pet from a variety of sources which I’ll leave for your own research. Whether it saves you money in the long run depends on the vet care your Dane will need, but it can prevent the ‘drastic decision’, and subsequent regrets, having to be made based on (lack of) funds.
The Insurers (them) will let the policy holder (you) pay a monthly premium which can range from $40 and up. If your dog needs vet attention, you pay for it up front and then submit the claim with receipts to ‘them’.
A typical policy will pay approx. 80% of the bill – the remaining 20% (co-insurance) is the portion you have to pick up on your own.
Provided you read the fine print and know how the payable amounts are calculated, you won’t be surprised when their payment arrives.
If major surgeries are required, you will probably gain by being insured, and you win. If, on the other hand, your Dane sails through life with few medical problems, they win.
Insurance is an option to let you sleep soundly, with the only other benefit being that a portion of most vet costs will be paid by them.
‘Leaky’ middle-aged spayed female Danes:
One of my older females had this problem and, after having to change the bed sheets every night for about 10 months (yes, she slept in bed with me!!), I casually mentioned it to my vet when visiting for another problem. There is an easy solution for this. She was prescribed Stilbestrol, ended up taking 1 tablet per week for the rest of her life, and the nightly bed sheet changing was eliminated!
Discuss this with your vet to make sure there isn’t another reason for leakage.
Your Dane is feeling the effects of aging or having problems with mobility:
Ask your vet about a series of 4 Cartrophen shots. I’ve used this on many of my Danes when they get older and it works absolute wonders.
After the 2nd visit, you’ll see a difference. After the last vaccine, your biggest problem may be restraining your Dane from over-exerting itself!!